Xpand Fest Blog Series: Food and Beverage: 1 week and counting..

Xpand Fest Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage, similar to the music and art is one of the biggest initial draws to our festival. What local or tourist alike doesn’t want to experience free music and art while sampling delectably tasty offerings that Asheville’s foodie town has become known for?


For those of you who have been following our journey since the beginning (we know, we know, we can’t believe it’s ONLY year two!) you will remember our amazing Xpand FestivALE that was made by Bhramari Brewing Company last year. For anyone dying for that light refreshing dry hopped unfiltered pale ale, we will be releasing one keg of Xpand FestivALE 2018 next Thursday, June 7th at our Xpand Fest Pre-party at Bhramari before the festival. A quick aside here, for any of you food/beverage lovers who also like to give back- that pre-party will proceed a little cleanup project in the South Slope.

If one festive brew wasn’t enough, we are super excited and proud to be welcoming our second Xpand Fest beer collaboration with Greenman Brewery. Vision Ale is a smooth Vienna lager with a hint of lime and will be available all day June 9th (until supplies run out). One special keg of this perfect summer brew will be reserved for our Sponsor, Staff and Volunteer Party after the festival. We love giving special unique perks and offering to our sponsors, staff and volunteers because truly without them, this event wouldn’t be possible. We hope to keep growing our local sponsors, amazing event staff and of course the ever important volunteer pool, so let us know if you are interested in any of those offering for 2019 and we will be sure to get you in our email list or in touch with the right people/department. BUT, we digress… back to food and beverages!


At the event, you will find special beverage choices from Greenman and Bhramari like we mentioned but there will also be beers from Hi-Wire, Sierra Nevada, and Oscar Blues. For anyone not wanting a refreshing beer there will be delicious local cider from Urban Orchard as well as some wine options. We are also doing pop-up tents from 2-7pm with local breweries including Ben’s Tune-Up (bringing their unique sake), Twin Leaf (with a focus Belgian, English and American style beers),  Archetype (for those hi-gravity belgian style loving beer fans) and alcoholic ginger beer from Ginger’s Revenge.




Don’t think we forgot about the non-alcoholic drinkers and kids!! We are thrilled to present, Songs in the Key of Blue, a sparkling blueberry lemonade that was made in collaboration with Devil’s Food Beverage, a local company based right here in Asheville. With local blueberries and a refreshing effervescence to the drink- we think it is the perfect go-to for what is sure to be a hot day in the South Slope of Asheville. (There will also be other styles including their flagship ginger beer from this amazing and local beverage company)

Let’s pause for a moment on all the exciting talk about beverages to talk briefly about how our beverage system works at Xpand Fest. For those of you reading this, you can feel extra cool helping that person in line behind you! For water (we encourage you to bring a refillable container as we LOVE to be as sustainable as possible. We will have a limited number of Xpand Fest sport water bottles available for sale), and non-alcoholic drinks you will be able to purchase them with cash or your card and immediately walk away with them. For alcohol (which has a lot more rules and regulations) we will have wristbands and beer tickets that you can purchase from our cash managers0 so keep an eye out for the signs that say Wristbands and Beer Tickets! There will be additional lines where you can redeem those tickets to keep the beer lines flowing and everyone happy at the event! 

Regardless which beverage you choose, we think it would be best paired with any of our amazing food vendors including Jamaican Flavors, Mojo Kitchen, Culture Shock, Ceci’s Culinary Tour, Olive Catering Company, Mountain View, Melt Your Heart, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, Blunt Pretzels, MacDaddy’s Organic Lemonade, the Foundry Coffee Bike, French Broad Chocolate Lounge or Green River Booch.

We feel pretty confident when you come to Coxe or Buxton Avenue Saturday, June 9th, you will easily find a variety of food and beverage options to suite any and all taste buds and interests, and if not- be sure to stop by our information booth and let us know what you hope to see you 2019!


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