Ready to let your art work for you?

The Work of Art is here to help.   Executive Director of the Xpand brand, Johanna Hagarty in collaboration with Amber Victor of Creative Chrysalis proudly presents monthly educational videos, the first Tuesday of every month with creative entrepreneurs from around Western North Carolina.  The Work of Art  video blog series is our offering for creative entrepreneurs around the world who face similar challenges of making their art work for them. 

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Johanna Hagarty

As Executive Director of the Xpand brand, Johanna has always believed that creativity synthesizes change and has experienced that fact her whole life. Using the arts, Johanna has dealt with her own mental health challenges and has created events and programs that support arts economic development and arts access for all. The work of art video blog series is one way Johanna feels she can distill the information gained through her experiences and further give back to the creative economy. 

Amber Victoria

Amber Victoria is a founder, creative director, and technology advocate who grew up on Florida’s Gulf Coast. She began working in small business management in 2013 while completing her BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology UNC Asheville. Her journey in business development continued to expand as she fostered year on year growth for a company she co-owns: FLOW Event Services. She now serves as a web designer, project management unicorn, startup mentor and artist coach through her new venture, Creative Chrysalis, which launched in 2018. Amber Victoria is always engaging in projects with entrepreneurs, artists, and community organizers concerning the ways that art, innovation and social advocacy can team up to make big impacts on a global scale.

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We are covering a wide array of topics including:

Extend past the fantasy of being an artist and get mentally prepared to learn the “WORK” of art.  Potential topics covered include:

    • Mental health and self care skill building
    • Community supporters and key advocates
    • Clarifying business offering
    • Industry research
    • And More!

Prepare by finding out what you don’t know and learn what you must to get started. Potential topics covered include:

    • Discovery & Visioning
    • Artist Statement
    • Operations
    • Pricing // Sales
    • Marketing
    • Business structure
    • And More!

Actualize the business planning knowledge acquired and activate your team into working action. Potential topics covered include:

    • Sales
    • Networking
    • Partnerships
    • And More!

Potential topics covered include:

Investigate methodically through a variety of analysis systems. Potential topics covered include: 

    • What analysis tools to use
    • How to set up testing (email campaigns, etc)
    • How to analyze testing to work for you
    • And More! 

Divine answers from your investigations & enact change for the businesses greater good. Potential topics covered include:

  • How to pivot based off of data analysis
  • When to sell, move on or retire
  • And More!

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Work of Art - Episode 1 - Pilot Episode

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