When it comes to economic development in any sector, partnerships are one of the most important aspects. 

We are very lucky to have many strategic partners that collectively bring awareness to a variety of brands, merchandise, events and businesses. This gives Xpand the opportunity to engage in economic development of the creative sector while customizing individual partnerships and programs that uplift individuals, communities and businesses. 

Below are a few ways we can support you in taking your creative heART and business to the next level. When you’re ready, or you have questions, send us a message and let’s get started!

How can we help you?

Artist Palette

Artist/Maker Collaborations

By directly partnering with artists, makers and creative community, we work to increase sales and brand awareness!

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Small Businesses & Nonprofits

Small business and nonprofits partnerships are an important way to further development of your program or services with creativity!

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Event Sponsorships

Sponsorships at one or more of Xpand's events gives you exposure to up to thousands of new potential customers and more

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F&B Business Collaborations

=Unique partnerships with local F&B companies support sales and brand awareness for you while giving back to the creative community!

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XYV Grant

This Grant is a small micro-grant to advance arts access for underserved communities (artists, people of color, etc)

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