F&B Business Collaborations

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Did you know that over 64% of people visiting Asheville come to experience a creative program or event? The majority of those tourists will eat or consume a local product at least once while in town. To the Xpand brand, this indicates that the arts community is a major factor contributing to one of the largest creative industries in Asheville; food and beverage. 

Supporting local businesses and the economy is what we are all about. We truly understand that each business (especially the food and beverage industry) has their own challenges and priorities. The Xpand brand has expertise to create unique partnerships and opportunities to best suit your business while supporting the creative economy that is uplifting us.

We avoid cookie cutter marketing strategies to create synergy, to maximize our shared target audience and to increasing revenue for your business and the economy.

Take a look at how we do it below, and when you’re ready- email us to get involved today! 

How do we do it:
Eat Art for 828
Strategic Marketing Plans
Fiscal Sponsorships
Vending opportunities
Event Consulting
Gallery management
And more!

Let us work for you while working for the community, email us today!