Fiscal Sponsorships

Need a partner to apply for creative grants?

Supporting local businesses and artists is what we are all about at the Xpand brand, and is one of the main reasons we have a nonprofit wing to our brand.

We understand that enhanced funding can be one way to support an artists or local business in growing programs, but that grant funding is rarely accessible unless you are a nonprofit.

 That’s where the Xpand brand, and Xpand Your Vision, our nonprofit can create a unique partnership designed specifically to support the aligning objectives between Xpand, your need and the grant’s guidelines. By truly partnering with artists and local businesses we can create synergy, maximize our shared target audience and increase revenue for local creatives and the economy.

How do we do it:

  • Administrative Management of funds
  • Program consultations 
  • Grant research 
  • Application support

Let us work for you while working for the community. Get started by emailing us today!