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Is this South Slope festival the next big thing?

Thank you Citizen-Times for your coverage! “On a regular summertime Saturday afternoon, Asheville’s South Slope bakes under the heat of the mountain sun. It’s not entirely quiet, yet it lacks the frantic noise of downtown — cars, drums, sirens and crosswalk chatter, the cacophony of sounds that bounce from building to building and echo through the streets. June 10, however, won’t be an ordinary Saturday

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Johanna Hagarty
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Welcome to Our New Site and Business!

Greetings. Founder and Executive Director Johanna Hagarty here! My intention with this first post is to share with you all a little bit of my personal journey of finding my purpose and to encourage you in your quest. I look forward to growing along side of my business, you and the creative community we are surrounded by. Thank you for

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